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Wasteland 3 game review

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Wasteland 3 game review


Wasteland 3: My team of stubborn wasteland warriors fought with a goat, a parrot sworn in, a cyborg chicken, and a cat wearing a military hat. They may sound stupid, but by the end of the game, the cat is one of my most consistent damage dealers.

Wasteland games always confuse gravel with stupidity and use mutant killer rabbits to counteract slavery and cannibalism. This is one thing about Wasteland 3, Wasteland 3 is still RPG, if you have the Toaster Repair skill, you can crack the malfunctioning toaster to get sweet loot.

The settings are different. The endless sands of Arizona and California have been replaced by the endless snowflakes of Colorado. Your role is like a squad of desert rangers who have gone too far. You are sent to the north to reach an emergency agreement with the bustling local leaders to provide your housing with much-needed supplies, which means helping the Colorado Springs Patriarch to gather rebellious offspring.

From Reagan believers to Hispanic murder clowns, each of his three grown-up children stand on a different weird faction, and you only rely on wit, an AI car, and a bunch of guns. Being involved in this political battle should not be put in Toaster Repair.

Another distinction is that Wasteland 3 is more streamlined, and the degree of clumsiness of the purposeful obsolescence of Wasteland 2 is reduced. You can find a loot container in this game, and then let the character check the prank with Perception, then disarming or disabling a character alarm will make it secure, then use “lock” or “secure cracking” or “brute force” to open the damn thing if it is locked. Now some of those skills are obsolete (Lockpicking also helps you to open the safe, Hallelujah), if you click on anything, it will automatically communicate with a character with the correct skills.

Turn-based combat has also been simplified. When you hover your mouse over a certain location before moving it, it will highlight the people you can attack from there like XCOM 2 and increase the percentage of modification on their heads. The scrap message full of text describing your attack has disappeared, and people tend to use interface design, but with less UI, but easier to grasp.

At least in most cases. The equipment is located in a bottomless shared pool and does not need to be distributed separately, but this means that you will immediately have a large number of frozen ferrets, yellow snowballs, dead clown wigs, and other easily sortable garbage. There are filters, but utility items and cybernetic mods do not have their categories, so you have to scroll around to find them. When trading, there must be at least a “sell junk” button to reduce some confusion.

Wasteland 3 game review: Precision strikes

Back to the battle: When the characters attack, their attack power meter will rise, finally allowing them to launch a precise attack. For most guns, this means you can choose to target body parts, whether it’s whether the headshot causes additional damage, whether the fuel tank is likely to cause an explosion, or the robot’s CPU turns it toward its ally.

Wasteland 3 game review

Other weapons also have their precision strike methods. For example, the rocket launcher gains a radioactive bonus in some way to injure it and transforms it into a nuclear weapon in flight. These precise blows gave the click an 88% chance of hitting, instead of 85 changes and excitement.

The only side I fight against is my animal companion. The robot and an NPC who follows me for half the game but doesn’t speak English are not under my control. They will be packed in like chickens without ahead, and even those chickens that are not metal skulls will inevitably go through fire or radiation fragments and need to be cured.

After a while, I got sick of reviving them, and when the cyborg chicken died because a fight ended with her still bleeding and I couldn’t get to her with a suture kit in time — there’s no way to pause and issue orders outside the battle, which means a tortuous scramble to restore any lingering status effects once a war ends — I’ll just let her die. I kept the cat alive until the end of the game because I’m not a total freak, but when I was sick of shepherding them, everyone else was left behind.

Even so, the war remained interesting even as I got close to the 50-hour mark, which I can’t say about Wasteland 2. I know that a lot of people enjoyed it, but I found the second half a little boring because of the battle that was a solved puzzle and the quests that were fizzling out.

I stayed engaged through this time, both because of battles that had more twists to them — sometimes you get to carry your car and its mounted gun, and sometimes you can stealth into position, crouching behind the cover before fighting with your character who has the Sly Shit ability for bonus damage — and also because the story kept my eye on.

Up close

Wasteland games often have interesting factions, but no interesting characters, and the only one I always remember is Angela Des, because her name is absurd. Here, I feel more connected with characters such as the comedian Scotchmo and the mocking serial killer Vic, because I have witnessed them with my own eyes. Feel more personal.

Although most of the dialogue is played from a slightly enlarged version of the isometric view, some main characters will appear in a first-person scene where you can select dialogue options, and these characters will exhibit expressive interactions, such as Wiggle or fiddle with a weapon from a bottle. They remind me of the vampire drama NPC: Masquerade-Bloodline, which is highly praised.

In other words, it is difficult for me to remember the name of the electronic gang leader or green-skinned ranger I recruited. Only a few members of your party have great personalities, because there is no choice but to wander and trip over conversation triggers. If you don’t want to do it yourself, even with pre-generated PC pairs, you are not gossip.

Like its predecessors, Wasteland 3 is the type of game in which you create the most fascinating plot, usually through the juxtaposition of seriousness and stupidity. Perhaps by throwing yellow snowballs on enemies you created a character who dressed as a clown and gave status effects or maybe went to fight with a herd of wicked animals — at least before you got sick of them and abandoned even the swearing parrot in the snow.

Wasteland 3 game review

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