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Star Wars: Squadrons Review – Catch Me If You Can

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Star Wars: Squadrons Review – Catch Me If You Can


In the past few decades, I have experienced the ups and downs of various “Star Wars” media products, but the space battle simulation of X-wing and TIE Fighter on MS-DOS (or at least my memory of them) ) Is always a fixed highlight. When you focus on the details of the naturally cool sci-fi fantasy aircraft, it is hard to go astray, contrary to what is happening now in Jedi blood or space politics.

Since the last flight simulator, there have been some arcade-style “Star Wars” space combat games that have occupied 20 years, and some of them are even good. However, “Star Wars: Squadron” now returns to some of the complexities of the simulator, while still retaining the rather approachable scene of an arcade-style flying game. The squadron has done a great job in creating a balanced experience, making you feel like you are indeed an active participant in Star Wars.

If you have ever played any type of flying game, you will be familiar with the basic mechanics. You fight up and down, leaning left and right. You fly forward instead of backward, and you can rotate until you feel uncomfortable. You manipulate the crosshairs onto the enemy, and then fire lasers or missiles at them. You have locked the first-person cockpit view of the action, but all the missions of the squadron are in space, which means you don’t have to worry about maintaining altitude, but you have excellent freedom to fly along any axis-roll the ship and fly upside down It is a trouble.

If you want, it feels like you can practicably rely mainly on these principles to complete “squadron” campaigns, especially at lower levels of difficulty, that would be great. But Squadrons has the ability to rearrange the ship’s power, which makes the system more in-depth. The system brings great complexity, and its advantage is that it can bring you benefits and the attendant precautions.

Each starfighter in the squadron has the ability to rebalance the power supply to prioritize different ship components: engines, laser weapons, and protection systems on certain ships. Doing so can give you specific advantages related to that system, but it will reduce the efficiency of other systems. Transfer all the power to the engine, you can make your ship more maneuverable, provide you with a faster top speed, and increase the speed. Prioritizing the use of lasers will allow you to overcharge and emit longer; the focus shield will charge them faster and overcharge them to absorb more damage than normal.

In addition, ships with protective covers can also choose to transfer the coverage of the protective cover to the front of the ship, the rear of the ship, or to balance it. It’s not exactly the same as the “Star Wars” simulator of the 90s (the power transfer is not so fine, you can’t adjust the shooting mode or something like that), but the famous system already exists, and there are many more to think about when you are in Dilemma.

You can keep the system in balance and keep it in good condition, but making these quick decisions while on mission is as exciting as the ace pilot you should be. Of course, you can let the X-wing cruise on the “interstellar destroyer” and shoot on its aiming module until the laser is exhausted, eat a little damage in the process, and repeat.

However, if you transfer power to them when approaching the shields to overcharge them, flip everything onto the laser at the start of firing to get a dozen bullets before overheating, and then push everything, you can definitely make things Do it more efficiently. When you shake the throttle to make it unimpeded, quickly move all shields to the rear to absorb all the turret fire.

Constantly focus on these mechanisms of mission goals, even the most direct outreach can bring them participation and exciting advantages, especially if you know that if your mission is not configured correctly, you may Will face greater risks. Happening. These commands are easy to execute (although all controls can be reconfigured, they are mapped to the controller’s D-pad by default), which means that the challenge comes from internalizing the best options for your situation, and remember to change It’s time to make changes, in the heat of the moment.

Star Wars Squadrons Review

Of course, the feedback you get when using these systems can really make your experience truly satisfying, and the tried and tested “Star Wars” production design is executed very well in the squadron. The sounds of familiar robots and proton torpedoes are incredible, and hearing the creak of titanium when you fly over the TIE that has just been wiped out is very exciting. The unique cockpit of each ship also has an excellent appearance, and its easy-to-read instrument panel does not deviate from the excellent retro and futuristic sense of the hull.

In a total of about eight hours of 14 missions, the squadron’s battle jumped back and forth between the journeys of two pilots, each on both sides of the newly renamed New Republic and Galactic Empire between the Galactic War One on the flight. It all started with a defection, which led to a secret military plan that constituted a meditation on loyalty, personal morality, and victory during wartime service. This plot successfully proved the escalation of exciting space combat encounters, if not Other words.

The mission itself is very simple in nature. All missions are scattered with a bunch of melee and at least one other objective, such as shooting down a larger enemy ship, defending one of your own ships, or hitting the reactor core and shield generators. Fixed target. There is some room for change in method or strategy, but not much. Optional goals sometimes surface, if you have enough ability to complete the task, these goals can be used as a way to simplify the task that is about to be completed.

Future missions allow you to change the loading capacity, and some can even select the battleship you want to participate in the battle, but in most cases, many of these variables are predetermined so that you have ample opportunity to become familiar with the various vehicles that are meaningful in the game And loading options.

But what makes these missions unique is not the original goal: it is the spectacle of some of the maps they perform. The squadron will take you to some exciting areas in the Star Wars galaxy, which are easy to appreciate right away. The colorful nebula full of lightning storms, interstellar destroyer graveyards and broken moons are just some of the unforgettable phases of the battle encounter.

You don’t need to be a “Star Wars” fan to learn about the events of the game. There are a few brief but compelling guest appearances in the canon of Star Wars, but it took more time to understand the original characters, members of the Vanguard and Titan Squadrons-Republic and Empire respectively. They enrich the mission with practical radio chats, but you have a better chance to learn more about their role through optional dialogues that can be accessed before and after the mission.

The Vanguard Squadron consists of a mess of humans and humanoids whose personalities change with the palette-full of confidence! timid. Rascal. On the other hand, the Titan Squadron is a squad of all mankind. Although each character has some background stories to explore how any reasonable person in this universe can join the fascist empire, all of these are betrayed by the character design, which strongly implies that these people are absolutely, absolutely evil and threatening. Scar, an elite figure, a former policeman who loves “justice”, and a guy who can’t take off his horrible, half-melted full-face pilot helmet.

Undoubtedly, although there are many popular opportunities for character interaction, the actual face-to-face time you spend with the squad is limited, which means that you rarely understand their knowledge and personality too deeply, and it is difficult to form any real interaction contact. Complicating these two facts is that both of your protagonists remain silent. Although character customization is the first thing you want to do-part of which is choosing their voice and personality-your character has never been seen and rarely heard during the campaign. You can be an absolute hero, and you can carry the squad with you during battle, but when you are just hanging out in the hangar, you are more like a fly on the wall than a member of the squad. awkward.

The conversation with your teammates is more like a long monologue. You listen politely. Towards the end of the campaign, you feel like you have been pushed aside by meaningless pawns and have no emotions with you. Your character cannot even express a small part of the hesitation or emotion seen in the supporting role. This is not enough to explain the rhythm of the story, nor does it mean the goal the game is trying to achieve in the theme exploration, especially in “Empire”. However, in general, most battles are still full of good scenes that can motivate you to fly as fashionable space planes as possible.

Of course, the other main component (if not the main component) of the squadron is its 5v5 online multiplayer game. There is a team deathmatch mode called “Battle” and “Fleet Combat” mode, which is a goal-based tug of war between the two main “Star Wars” factions. In a fleet battle, the Republic and the Empire each brought a battlecruiser and two frigates into the battlefield, with the goal of penetrating the frigate of the opposing battleship and finally destroying its battlecruiser.

You can achieve this by building attack momentum, destroying player-driven and AI starfighters on the other side to earn points, and then herald the arrival of an AI-driven frigate, which will automatically push into enemy territory and help you attack the capital . If you have ever played MOBA, or are one of the multiplayer games that draw inspiration from it, then you will have a good understanding of the dynamics of Fleet Battle.

It rewards a well-developed team composition, especially when each pilot insists on the strength of his ship, whether it is fighter, bomber, interceptor or support force. Success usually comes from coordinating with your team to cooperate with the AI ​​ship to attack to make the most of each push. In the best state, these attacks on large flagships are concentrated in a closely connected team of players, capturing the feeling of “Star Wars” high-altitude interstellar spacecraft battle.


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