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Ring Fit Adventure Review: One Year Later

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Ring Fit Adventure Review: One Year Later


In the past ten years, Nintendo has become the home of fitness games. Wii Fit and its enhanced version of Wii Fit Plus have sold 43 million copies worldwide, so it is only a matter of time before the company attempts to replicate this success on Nintendo Switch. Fortunately, the successor to Wii Fit is more ambitious than many expected.

The Ring Fit Adventure released on October 18, 2019 a year ago is not Wii Fit 2.0, but a full-featured fitness RPG with a complete story, skill tree, and vibrant landscape. Not only is it more ambitious in scope than its predecessor, but it also cultivates a healthy fitness attitude and a friendly tone. Even in the past few weeks or even months, it has not hesitated to continue to encourage. You logged in last time.

In “Ring Fit Adventure”, you will track down and defeat the evil bodybuilding dragon Dragaux with a magic Pilates ring, which is spreading dark influence across the land. In the pursuit of Dragaux, you will jog in beautiful scenery and engage in turn-based battles with fitness-themed monsters (for example, powerful dumbbells or naughty yoga mats). In order to attack or defend, you must exercise, and the game will eventually introduce type duels-for example, certain monsters have extremely weak leg movements.

With 4 different types of exercises (legs, arms, abs and yoga), Ring Fit Adventure can provide excellent full-body workouts, even if certain levels of attention are focused on one muscle group, the other can also be used Different types of movements keep the exercise balance and prevent fatigue.

However, genre duel is only one aspect of the combat strategy in Ring Fit Adventure. Food also plays a key role, from smoothies that restore health and rejuvenate you to soups and teas that provide certain gains, such as enhancing the offensive power of all arm movements or converting your type of movement to yoga. If you participate in the battle, you are not prepared to prepare for typology, these items can actually save you.

In addition to combat, there is even a skill tree where you can unlock new moves and increase statistics. Each world has a store where you can buy new clothing to enhance offensive or defensive capabilities, and for Fight to prepare more food ingredients. In this way, all aspects of Ring Fit Adventure can make you stronger and provide you with more tools for combat, not just simply equipping you with enough arm or leg movements.

Ring Fit adheres to the RPG elements. After several months of playing the game, the progress is constantly changing and interesting. In the later stages of the game, you will continue to unlock new actions, recipes and features-it will never stand still. This makes gameplay more attractive than just following the actions on the screen, especially in boss fights. Having the right items and the best actions can mean the difference between success and success. In fact, you may lose a game (rather than simply score points like in other fitness games), which will particularly stimulate your energy and make you participate in it physically and mentally and go all out.

The center of the Ring Fit battle is the Ring-Con, which is a real-life Pilates ring that can be connected to one of your Joy-Cons (the other one slides into the leg strap to surround the thigh). Ring-Con is very sturdy and kept in good condition over the past year, with no significant changes in its resistance or durability. Considering how much money you pulled and squeezed Ring-Con during the long journey of the game, this is impressive. Whether you press it on your stomach to use as a bodyguard guard, or lift it to lift a tree posture, the Ring-Con is located at the center of almost all movements and can track your precise movements.

Ring Fit Adventure Review

Like in other Nintendo fitness games, such as “Fitness Boxing”, I found that you really can’t half a dozen exercises. In “Ring Fit”, ignoring the proper form means that your attack will cause less damage, and if it is a defensive move, you may suffer a destructive blow. This not only keeps the stakes high in the game; it also ensures that you get the most out of your exercise and helps prevent injuries. Some of these moves can be tricky, but in the game, your trustworthy Ring provides advice on how to perform each move correctly with a lot of encouragement.

“Ring Fit Adventure” has unwavering happiness. Although many first-party Nintendo games are like this, it has a more profound impact in the context of fitness games. When you miss one or two exercises, it’s easy to let go of yourself. As a severely anxious person, sometimes I can’t pluck up the courage to do anything at all, let alone be helpless. Consistency around exercise and expectations or appearing in a certain way may generate negative energy, but “Ring Fit Adventure” leaves it behind.

No matter what fitness level you are at or how long it has been since your last workout, it can make you feel at home. When you start the game, it will only ask you if you feel sore since the last session and if you want to adjust the difficulty. The game does not urge you to continue to increase the difficulty, but just accept your answers, and even ask if it is annoying to continue asking.

Don’t want to socialize with your friendly game trainer Tipp today? No problem-the game will only bring you back to the campaign. Reduce the pressure of certain activities or increase the difficulty of the game, so that you can improve at your own pace, and prevent the negative effects of exercise in the real world.

For those who don’t like or can’t jog at all, there is also a convenient “quiet mode” option. For those who may live underneath neighbors or who need to keep noise to a minimum for other reasons, Quiet Mode allows you to perform a series of squat operations without the need to jog while the character is traveling through the Ring Fit world.

This feature not only helps not to disturb others, but also helps improve the accessibility of the game, because jogging is a high-impact exercise that may not be feasible for everyone (including those with lower limb injuries). The ability to lower the game difficulty setting and accurately select the exercise to be performed at any time, and also allows you to customize the exercise mode to suit your needs.

However, I will admit that if you lack motivation, a certain degree of forgiveness in the game may not be conducive to growth-maybe this is one of the reasons why I only played 35 hours in the past year. Ring Fit Adventure encourages you to do short training sessions, prompting you to “take a break” and calm down so that you can go again tomorrow.

Sometimes, I only exercise for about 10 minutes before receiving this message, reminding me not to overwork. This is fully in line with the cheerful and positive tone of Ring Fit, but this is a fitness game after all. Experts recommend that ordinary adults take at least 30 minutes of physical exercise every day. Unless you decide to ignore Ring Fit’s prompts and continue playing, the game will be happy to let you calm down after completing one or two worlds and play as you like. When someone chooses Ring Fit to challenge themselves and improve their physical fitness, this news will undoubtedly affect me to do shorter exercises. As a result, the progress is not as fast as in the past 12 months.


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