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Paradise Killer Review

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Paradise Killer Review


Paradise Killer (Paradise Killer) is a detective game where you can freely investigate according to your wishes. That is my favorite thing: based on the evidence I found, I explored its ecological barbaric structure at my own pace and my own will, and speculated about its super strange qualities, but I was never pushed in a specific direction.

In the last hour, I had to play the role of a prosecutor in the trial and use all the evidence, testimonials and information I collected to nail the culprit of the murderer’s spree. When I flipped through the notes, I felt that I did accomplish something. Heaven Killer gave me a sense of freedom I never felt in detective games.

Most of the investigation parts in the game are guided by guided experience, so that the player finally finds the answer, while Paradise Killer is open-ended. When you extract evidence, it will automatically link itself to the parties in the file. If there is no clear link, it will enter the unsorted heap and will be unusable in the final judgement unless you understand how it can contact someone.

This system reminds people of motivation and rationality. I went back and re-interviewed the subjects with new knowledge to see if they would slip and tell me something they shouldn’t do. I must be curious and hone my detective abilities. When I finally finished the trial, I really felt that I had won a satisfactory conclusion.

Paradise Killer Review: Trouble in Paradise

Paradise Killer has a major crime to be solved, but there are also many related crimes to be solved. I like that I can give priority to searching those cases and people that I find interesting. This means that at the end of the game, the plots that I care most about are those that are enriched the most.

Paradise Killer takes place on an ideal tropical island with fashionable style. Residents worship alien gods and sacrifice mankind in the annual call. They made 24 attempts on 24 different islands, but never succeeded. They always accidentally summon demons. However, this next island is said to be different. It should be perfect. For games, this is a bizarre setting that forces you to put in a lot of madness, but it’s fun.

Your role is Lady Love Dies, a notorious “investigative maniac” who was exiled after the highest official on the island was murdered one night before transitioning to the new perfect island. You decide who did it, why they did it, and how. You need to explore key figures, solve hieroglyphic puzzles to obtain hidden information, and use computer assistants to collect evidence while exploring the island, so as to finally convict any heinous behavior.

Paradise killer rewards exploration. I spent most of my time traversing the administrative districts of paradise, admiring the lush scenery, picking up collectibles and blood crystals, which are the main currency used for fast travel and buying black market secrets. It’s easy to walk around, especially when you start to pick up the cassette.

Paradise Killer Review

The soundtrack contains some wonderful music: urban pop, environmental jazz and disco music. Sometimes, I will be free from the mystery of imminent murder, relax by the sea, and appreciate this alternative reality and detached otherworldly.

There are secrets in every corner of the map. No matter where I decide to go, I will either make progress in the narrative or find more background information in the alternative world of the game. I never emphasize the evidence, because curiously surrounding the platform and viewing the scenery always leads to discovery. Once, when I fell from a building to a rock near the water, I was briefly depressed because I had to climb back to the island.

But when I walked back, I found a rusty knife, which seemed easy to throw away from the crime scene. I recorded it in the investigation and found that the connection connected multiple people who I didn’t even think had doubts about the case.

A brand new conspiracy appeared in front of me. I put a pin in the clue I was investigating and dropped everything to understand this further. The freedom to discover unexpected mysteries in an unorthodox way makes “Heaven Killer” a leader in detective games.

Paradise Killer Review: Trust is fleeting

Paradise Killer is full of some truly fascinating characters. 2.5D character models are eye-catching on the map, and interacting with them will switch things into a visual novel mode. Chatting with characters is fun. Typewriter noise appears when the text pops up, and the smooth clicking sound does a good job of focusing attention on the conversation without causing trouble.

You can gossip and ask each character at will, and many games run around between them to prove their story. In fact, it felt like any of them could commit a crime, and the breadth of this possibility was both exciting and disturbing, and wanted to be an investigator.

I like how Paradise Killer arranges all potential suspects so that you are suspicious of all these suspects, and then let you decide how to handle the situation in your own way. I am very happy to talk to Camelina, the chief architect of the island.

Paradise Killer Review

I think she hates “Love Dies”, but even if I don’t have enough files to ask her, she still talks about all the other characters and catches a glimpse of the mysterious blockbuster of this island. The narrative in “Heaven Killer” is complicated and intertwined, which is surprising. The role has motivation and a rich history of relationships, and it is easy to miss if you don’t pay attention. Spending time playing cool freaks on the island reveals a messy political network.

The speed has eased a few times, but this is a trap that allows players to pursue the lead they want. Paradise Killer attracted me very well, it doesn’t matter: even if I don’t play it, I think about it in my mind. Who did this? How do they even do this? Why do people lie to me? Paradise Killer will not tell you whether your evidence is sufficient to prove the facts. Even if it is time to start the trial, you are not very clear.

I spent about 10 hours wandering in heaven. In the end, there were still a few plot lines that made me feel that I didn’t dig enough. I rarely replay the game, but I am already launching another game. The puzzling mysteries and personalities that I stumbled upon during my island adventure had an amazing impact on them, and I never wanted to leave its weird world of vapor waves, demons and betrayals.

“Heaven Killer” sets a new standard for investigative games; I feel bound to it, and plunged into the mysteries of the world like an unprecedented detective game. The neon luster, fantastic soundtrack, quirky characters and narrative twists make it one of the best singles you can play.

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