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No Straight Roads Review Game

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No Straight Roads Review Game


No Straight Roads: Have you ever been to a live concert that is so loud that you feel your brain bouncing in your head? Music overwhelms you, but at the same time, it is exciting, exhausting, and disoriented. This is what it looks like to play Metronomik’s music action game “No Straight Road“. Everything about it-cruel character design, grand boss fight, weird humor, animated cutscenes, dynamic music-is full of weird energy.

Since my sock was interrupted by the demo, I have been yelling that although Metronomik contributed a lot to the full release of No Straight Roads, unfortunately, the Rock vs EDM adventure experienced some major distortions.

In “No Straight Roads”, you play the Mayday band and music duo Zuke, who formed the underground indie rock band Bunkbed Junction. Although their hearts belong to the chaotic power of rock, they live in a city driven by electronic dance music. Vinyl City can convert music into electricity, and EDM is the most popular type and main power source.

This energy source is regulated by the No Straight Roads (NSR short) elite music organization which controls every music district. After the city-wide failure to power, the duo attempts to take down the empire of EDM, which will be the only source of the supply of energy for the NSR elite. Every NSR artist is defeated one by one to get power back to Vinyl City. It is a good set-up for what is a long boss rush into the bands’ actual struggle.

Every NSR musician rules his area in Vinyl City, and you will seek out everyone and fight them on the stage of the theater boss. These musical battles are the lifeblood of “no way to go”. Every boss encounter is more important than the next one, and they show off their musical talents and self through their performances.

DJ Subatomic Supernova is a gorgeous EDM musician obsessed with ionization systems. He is your first contact with the music elite. His performance was performed in a huge planetarium, and his stage was at the center of the intergalactic rotation record. In this battle, you need to extinguish the opened disco ball to collect ammunition, and then dodge the incoming asteroid and shoot at the supernova. This encounter has been carefully designed to feel like a cohesive collaboration of music, theme, and fun.

Battle is a mixture of hack and rhythm assault and evasion. You can move between the characters on the fly through Mayday’s slow yet strong guitar attacks, and Zuke’s quick drumming will not be harder to reach. The two characters are well balanced and I enjoyed playing, moving from one character to the other when the health of a character was poor.

No Straight Roads Review Game

A good sense of rhythm can help you avoid an upcoming attack, although the time to keep the beat is not important. Unlike other rhythm games, if you lose your timing, you will not be punished, and the concert guides you more on timing. Many times, I completely lose the sense of rhythm and calmness, resorting to panic button mixing, or what I like to call chaotic improvisation.

Each battle is designed around a different genre, and it always feels like a cohesive collaboration of music, themes, and fun. A lovely detail is the dynamic soundtrack. As the battle progresses, the pulsating rhythm of the EDM is gradually replaced by the guitar solo played by the.

Though these fightings are full of unpredictable energy, they are overwhelmed rapidly and feel as if they are losing control at the heart of the war. I think it’s best to keep the DJ Subatomic Supernova war to a coherent whole, but other experiences may get into the perception that there is an explosive mystery.

When you try to determine the next leader action, there will be missiles to collect, enemies to extinguish, attacks to dodge, and tricky platforming elements. You also need to listen to the rhythm of the music a lot. At any time, my attention will be in ten different directions. It’s both uplifting and exhausting.

No Straight Roads intermission

Fortunately, you won’t go all out 100 percent in the game and you get downtime between boss fights. Vinyl City is a loose environment that allows you to explore the NSR district of each artist. In Bunkbed Junction’s underground sewer base you can chat with various NPCs, collect helpful posts, and upgrade your skills! If a specific boss grieves, you can replay combat and unlock extra capabilities to win more followers.

When I was running around the city, jumping from one area to another, and enjoying the cartoon visual effects of No Straight Road, it reminded me of Psychonauts and even Banjo-Kazooie. Humor and art are reminiscent of Tim Schafer’s hilarious comedy game.

A good example of this humor is the boss fight with Sayu, Sayu is a Vocaloid like Hatsune Miku exuding cuteness. The way to beat her was by picking up voice actors, programmers, artists, and motion capture actors, who formed the very introverted team behind this cute idol.

You are running around in a soft underwater dream world, it is attacked by a huge magic mermaid, and a huge neon glowing crowd cheers for her. The whole performance was completely foolish, I was fascinated. It also helps that Sayu’s songs are absolutely dangerous, so I will link below.

Fighting with Vocaloid software is just another part of this weird world. Animation and character art are explosions of shapes and colors, and excellent voice acting makes these comical characters come to life.

No Straight Roads Review Game

The cutscenes include 3D models and 2D illustrations, which create a vibrant Saturday morning cartoon atmosphere. Get ready for the fantastic robot boy band, crazy rap battles, and weird pop singers who seem to jump straight out of Björk’s brain. I would like to see a book of sketches and development designs for each character.

Although it is easy to be overwhelmed by the raw energy of No Straight Roads, it is a fresh and fashionable form of rhythmic action type. This is Metronomik’s first game, and it is also the embodiment of the bold innovation in the Malaysian game development field. It’s exciting to play, and it’s different. This is the most important thing.

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