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Mulan Review — All Style, No Substance

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Mulan Review — All Style, No Substance


Mulan Review: Disney’s recent history of live-action adaptations of its animated classics is at best the best of both worlds. For content added or changed in the transition from 2D to 3D, it seems that there is no real fixed agreement. New songs, new characters, new plot lines may be added, all of which will help reshape decades of classic tracks for the new generation. Unfortunately, for Mulan, it seemed that computing got into trouble from the beginning.

This is a familiar story. The eldest daughter of an elderly and injured father, Yifei Liu, secretly intervened in the army. At that time, a member of each family was asked to defend his corner of China for the invaders. For this reason, she pretended to be a man and kept secret from her superiors and comrades.

It is roughly the same as the 1998 animated version, which also adapted and Westernized the 6th-century Chinese poem “The Folk Songs of Mulan”, and appropriately blurred some historical accuracy. The anthropomorphic animal companions and songs that many people grew up with are gone forever.

The Huns were replaced with the more accurate but less familiar (and perhaps less lyrically preferred) Lulans, led by Bori Khan (Jason Scott Lee) instead of Shan Yu. Even try to bring some real depth to Rourans and not just be the bad guy in the B plot of Patricide.

However, in the end, these vague spying methods make making a down-to-earth war movie influenced by history only confusing and perplexing Mulan. The military training montage jumped, evoking the familiar and obvious American WW2 style war movie plot-even beginning to feel like an early plot of “Brothers”-while also trying to preserve some animated versions of farce and comedy from it, and keep it true to history Sexual illusion.

This effect is a strange sense of in-betweenness, which makes people feel hollow, which may be attributed to the film’s apparent lack of diversity behind the cameras, especially within the writing team, this is film director Niki Caro (Niki Caro) Criticism faced.

Mulans male change of self-risk discovery

Regarding Mulan’s male change of self-risk discovery, the exist two exist in the same half-and-half appearance. They both play straight and are full of boring dressing room-style jokes, which have never really landed. Without the comedy dragon Eddie Murphy (Eddie Murphy) to ease the tension and keep things relaxed, the whole situation seems to have become less interesting, but this movie really wants to eat cake.

Mulan Review -- All Style, No Substance

It turns out that every song has been deleted, and tends to be montage instead of familiar but practical musical cues, so it is more challenging. You won’t hear anyone break into songs about using men to be a man, or hope their reflections can show their inner world-but you will definitely remember the existence of these songs, and they are fascinating. In fact, reflections and the themes of being able to embody one’s true self are almost completely abandoned, which makes musical references extremely strange.

The live-action version of “Mulan” is not an ordinary and strong girl. Despite her flaws, she desperately wants to do things for her family and hide her entertaining self under the cover of “appropriate” Girls’ Generation, but it is a reality show. Super hero. Her “very strong ambition”, even when she was a child, there was no one, not even a man in her life. She seemed to have endowed her with fantasy martial arts talents, but because she was a girl, she had to hide these powers.

This conflict is portrayed as a live-action version of the new character Xian Lang (Gong Li), this is a deformed “witch” (allies and enemies keep throwing the word at her throughout the film, as if she was far away from the stake Wrong move). Her abilities are much greater than Mulan’s-she can become a falcon or a bat cloud, and for some reason, even though he and his other male allies feel fear and hatred, she still forms an alliance with Boli Khan.

Xianlang and Hua Mulan are designed as metal foils-despite their obvious abilities, in a world where two men refuse to accept them as allies, two “fairies” are fooled, but the narrative arc between them But being so poorly dealt with and getting into trouble with clumsy Disney-style ethics, it eventually lost every bit of influence.

In the case that the moral of the animation “Mulan” must be oversimplified and is a victim of Disney’s own Disney Film Festival, at least the story can be boiled down to a series of outspoken actions, namely, being brave and brave in the face of great danger. Prove yourself against those who doubt you.

With the introduction of Xianlang, the version of this story began to shock people with its confusing information, including which vagrants were “deservedly” brought into trouble, the “right way” became themselves, and the so-called way of justice . Work hard to protect systems without personal space.

This is messy and reductive-it’s a pity, because Li and Liu have some of the most interesting chemistry in the film, and are under the control of a skilled writing and director team, or under the banner of another studio, maybe There will be some real meat on these bones. Instead, it feels like a weird and unnecessary pivot that is completely uninterested in the story.

In addition to fresh waves, Hua Mulan’s supporting role is composed of new but slightly familiar animated characters. Donnie Yen is heavily used by Commander Tung, and sadly, he partially replaced the comic book “Li Shang”. Yoson An (Yoson An) plays Chen Honghui (Chen Honghui) at the highest level. This is another new character based on Li Shang. This part of him should have a romantic tension with Mulan, but in It never happened here.

This is not an unwelcome change-romance will bring discomfort to everything else, but it feels like the love story is deleted and never replaced, and Chen Honghui’s story is almost empty. There is even a vague attempt to imitate the anthropomorphic cricket character from the animated version with a secondary character named Cricket (Jun Yu). Strictly speaking, this character is cute, and-that’s it. At least he must succeed there. He is very cute.

These three-level characters are not memorable, and there is nothing to say. In fact, given the brief and hands-on nature of its introduction and the various arcs, it will be difficult for you to remember any of their names at the end of the movie.

There are still strangers, Mulan’s PG-13 rating and strong requirements for the year, the plot of the American War may make it too scary, uncut or incomprehensible for the entire target audience. It did not aim at the same demographic goals as the animated characters, but it was never committed to anything that makes it more mature in a meaningful way. Instead, it chose more battle scenes and cgi-infused actions, and Not nuance or narrative complexity.

In other words, it will definitely land. Fortunately, some children sat down to watch Mulan with their families and were still very happy to see themselves shine in a Disney live-action movie for the first time. Even in the face of a disappointing movie, this means certain things. Thankfully, the animated version is also available on Disney+, so you can jump directly from one to the other, and sing along with the laughter in your heart.

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