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Microsoft Flight Simulator Review 2020

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Review 2020


Microsoft Flight Simulator Review 2020: Have you ever thought about how you will feel if you lose contact after you leave the game for a few years and peek at the curtain? Usually, Microsoft Flight Simulator feels like peeking.

In terms of its scope and fidelity, it seems to be visited from the future, when it is commonplace to visit the photo-realistic planet Earth and have the freedom to explore it. Under the same weather conditions and lighting conditions, when you can jump on the plane and fly over your town, you can see it from the window. When the “open world” is like this.

Under the management of Dovetail focusing on DLC, the Microsoft flight simulator series reappeared compellingly several years later, and an extraordinary achievement of Asobo Studio. We will talk about the impossible details of the future 1:1 world map; read a review of how the software has changed the design of the environment; and logically linger in other games that use PB-level real map data and Cloud AI.

For Computer gaming then this is a seismic moment. But what is abundantly clear is that this is the beginning of the journey of Microsoft Flight Simulator, a moment on a roadmap that includes daily content updates on a monthly cadence and should certainly include just as many to correct some major technological teething issues as well. Release day has arrived, but whether it is the launch of a finished product or an arbitrary demarcation in its path to completion is up for discussion.

At the time of release, the standard version included a total of 20 aircraft, including three passenger aircraft, two jets, and fifteen props. Using any of these aircraft, you can place yourself on the runway of an airstrip in the world, fly to the sky, and see the amazingly accurate reproduction of the area below. This is a terrible time for people who bought all these scenery add-on packages for FSX.

This is an attractive way beyond common sense in flight simulation. Who doesn’t want to fly around on a playable 4K lightweight Bing map with volume clouds and incredible weather effects? Who can resist the urge to try to find his own house? (I still have not succeeded in finding my mine, but the search continues.) This is much larger than the number of audiences that this series of films could provide over the past 30 years.

In terms of games, you can experience your own experience by speaking softly, so you are invited to design your adventure by default. Career development only exists within the scope of completing flight school and completing landing challenges and jungle flying, and for their part, they provide carefully selected content and have a leaderboard element, making them have a digestive addiction like chocolate Sex. But you will not spend 100 hours on them.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: On the world map

On the world map, instead, you’re going to plan a dark tourism journey, ticking off Chernobyl, Semipalatinsk’s Polygon, Dylatov Pass. In the race calendar, you will cross off any F1 circuit. And you’ll have a very good time. Of course, the possibility of an entire world to explore can also be overwhelming, so having more curated experiences from Asobo in the future will be fantastic.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Review

Therefore, it is a simulator for people who are interested in flying, and a magical virtual travel portal for people who are interested in controlling the Mir mine with a mat. Then, the dividing line is the control method.

Traditionally, the simulation community reacts to an influx of casuals like the locals in that pub from American Werewolf in London — and I say that as someone sitting on my desk with half a pretend cockpit — but there’s no trace of sacrificing depth to cater for a broader audience here. The simulation model is more detailed than ever before, a statement you can put to the test yourself by switching the game settings between ‘modern’ and ‘legacy’ models. Its realism is also scalable so that virtual tourism with an Xbox controller or an all-out simulation with a HOTAS or yoke setup can be zero-stress.

Frankly, the pilots of the Xbox pad are well-served here, considering the volume of functions required to pilot a plane. By default, rudder and trim adjustment are over-sensitive, but that is an easy fix in menus options. It seems absurd to be able to use a pad to marshall such a rigorous model of physics through the air but it doesn’t just work, it feels great.

However, setting up a HOTAS and a couple of cockpit panels proves more of a challenge. The game double-mapped certain functions to my Logitech X56 by default, most annoyingly, the throttle power. It’s an easy enough fix in the menus, but a couple of attempted takeoffs took me to figure out which controls were canceling out each other. It’s pretty magical using a HOTAS with everything calibrated and the plane up in the air though.

His approach to teaching you how to fly an airplane is not a teacher’s method but a classroom. If you wanted to learn how to set up a flight plan with ATC, power up an airliner from scratch, set a VOR vector up to cruise altitude and then an ILS approach to land again at your destination, there’s all you would need here. It doesn’t tell you any of this.

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Well, that is not charitable. The flight school teaches you eight very basic lessons on a sturdy little Cessna 152, from taxiing to runway and take-off to VOR navigation and landing sites. But for newbies, there are a lot of unknown factors, and you don’t want to search YouTube tutorials because you don’t know their existence, or even why you need to use them in the first place.

This tutorial does not involve ATC at all, and does not explain the navigation in sufficient detail, and it is impossible to directly transfer from the flight school to the custom flight plan without a lot of head and pedal operations. As far as everything is told in the game, the pilot who made the last long flight sat on the yoke for several hours, making minor adjustments in each step. This will not be a long-term problem, but it will be the content creators in the community that will solve the problem, not the game itself.

Whether you lose your way or sit in the captain’s seat and stare at the flashing warning lights, you always want to find out. Putting together the puzzles of operating an airplane is inherently satisfying, and every time you pass the pre-flight checklist, you will have an idea of ​​the cockpit layout. After a few hours, you are increasing the crash level and setting the source to BATT without even thinking about it.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Review

However, if the complexity of its simulation brings some barriers to market entry, the technical problem with Microsoft Flight Simulator is laying barbed wire on the door. The first thing to be solved is the installation. It will download a 500MB client, which will perform a complete 90GB installation.

After installation, it takes about three minutes from “playing” to reaching the main menu on the i7 9700K, 16GB RAM, and RTX 2080 TI and installing the game on the SSD, and the playback speed of the same system in big cities is about 25fps. The main airport under the ultra-high 1600p setting.

In fact, the preset is a bit of proofing of the future. But while the visual quality is definitely scalable, output is not proportionally scaleable. That means landing at JFK is still a stuttery affair using any preset, including low, which generally produces 30-35fps in cities on my system and a much more consistent 60 out in the wilderness.

Crashes are fairly commonplace on my system too—unplugging or connecting a device results in an instant CTD, and scenes causing low frame rates have also seemed to trigger them, albeit less frequently.

At the time of writing (a few days after its release), drivers supporting Nvidia games have improved FPS performance, albeit slightly. Frame rate drops are usually annoying, but here they are indeed a real obstacle to your ability to control the aircraft. Landing requires responsive and gentle input, and if you see them in the page-turning book vision, you cannot execute them correctly.

No matter what the frustrating performance issue is, a voice will sound in your mind: “Can you give it some time to render the whole world? Can it? Even so, the fact remains that low frame rates will affect your flying airplane Ability, and on most systems, simply lowering the setting to a low preset value will not produce a stable 60fps. Other news: The PC gaming community has discovered a new “Crysis”.

In the shadow of the incredible achievements of Microsoft Flight Simulator, its troubles are eye-catching, but forgivable. The poor frame rate is not enough to make the game give up the opportunity to explore the earth in an unprecedented way, and mastering the slow-burning of the aircraft is a real reward. Just don’t expect to be perfect from day one.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Review

Microsoft Flight Simulator: The Verdict

After solving its technical problems, this is an incredible prospecting portal with greater potential.


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