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Marvel Avengers Early Review Impressions – Day 3 Update


Marvel Avengers Early Review Impressions – Day 3 Update


Author’s Note: As we conduct a comprehensive review, we will continue to deepen our impression of the Marvel Avengers. Scroll down to find our day 3 update, which contains our latest thoughts from the days before and after playing the Avengers.

After using Marvel’s Avengers for about seven hours, I made a major discovery: The Beta version should indeed start with Kamala Khan.

Ms. Marvel is the core and soul of Crystal Dynamics’ interpretation of “The Most Powerful Hero on Earth”, and the opening level of the game story establishes her as a nerd, a lively and superb fan, laying the foundation for the entire game experience.

The Avengers finally disbanded after the huge accident that reshaped the world, but Kamala’s experience-finding her identity, finding the community, quarreling with the adults in her life and letting her down or not knowing her-laid the foundation for Marvel’s revenge The foundation of the alliance.

It all started with an open mission that no longer focuses on the bad guys, but on the people who make the Avengers a hero. Now, we have seen A-Day missions many times, each Avengers fighting against a group of bad guys who want to do terrorism, play your role.

This is a quick snapshot of how each character handles before the game enters the real story, where you play as Kamala, trying to find and reorganize the Avengers to counter the totalitarian threat of the evil organization AIM.

Marvel Avengers: introduction of Kamala and her father

But the introduction of Kamala and her father, lingering in the A-Day celebrations before the attack, put Marvel’s Avengers at the center. She is a child who meets a hero, finds that they are caring (if embarrassing), and after five years of jumping, she learns all the best lessons from them and grows into her own hero.

Marvel Avengers Early Review Impressions – Day 3 Update

So far, when Marvel’s “Avengers” is working hard on the story mode, I really like it. The first is that Kamala accidentally caught AIM’s attention and became an inhumane. AIM has basically taken over the United States and used it as a security force to round up inhumans supported by the anti-superhero sentiment of the traumatized public.

Kamala saw the injustice and set out to find a kind of allegorical “resistance” to counter AIM’s growing authoritarian power. When she began to re-enroll each broken avenger to help her career, she quickly became the moral center of the game.

The single-player campaign is full of character moments, giving full play to the influence of “Marvel Movie World” on the Avengers, and many beats seem to be free from the deleted scenes in “Avengers”: “Era of Ultron”, “Captain America”: Civil War and Avengers: Infinite War.

Bruce Banner believed that he and the other Avengers were responsible for everything that happened in San Francisco, and believed that the failure of the organization was the cause of its failure. Tony Stark was angry with Banner because he betrayed the team and admitted his ambivalence to Congress, which led to the dissolution of the Avengers.

But, like Banner, Tony is also struggling with his sense of responsibility, and has created a bond between this feeling and his arrogant belief that he can solve all problems. Both felt guilty about Cap’s death. Kamala saw a mentor in both of them, but the imperfect mentor forced her to back down to do the right thing.

This story is full of human moments that make me want to move on, such as when Camara first met other inhumane people, or when Bruce and Tony talked and discussed all the issues after four years of separation.

The jokes and sarcasm between all the characters are valves to release their wounds and problems, and due to Kamara’s firm determination, they quickly depend on each other. My feeling is that I am close to half of the main campaign (as far as I know). This is a good story. This kind of thing made me really like the MCU, especially before and after Captain America: Civil War.

So far, Marvel’s “Avengers” is a game that has fallen into trouble as a live game. You slowly build the expired Chimera. It is the center of gravity of A-Day and the helicopter carrier of the Avengers. It can unlock the room, allow you to train in virtual reality, store more equipment, and serve from SHIELD agents. Shopkeeper.

Comprehensive theater missions allow you to explore vast open areas full of AIM enemies, where you spend a lot of time destroying open boxes to obtain resources, picking up loot and comparing equipment numbers, and there is no interaction with the characters in Stark’s radio commands. AI , Jarvis.

The deeper the story, the more Marvel’s Avengers will feel like Destiny 2. And the 10 game coins I found in the mission.

I have a lot of equipment, many different privileges, and a small percentage can increase certain types of damage. When all I really want is more scenes of Kamara and her clumsy Avengers dad trying to solve their problems, enter the war zone to find parts to repair Chimera and earn equipment drops that will defeat the pace of the game.

It’s not that those live games are necessarily bad-although they are all real and really dense. This is because they attract more interesting parts in the game. It can be fascinating to free yourself from the story and delve into the details of character creation. After all, I like to unlock new skills for my characters and slowly figure out how to best use each character.

But these things have attracted my attention far less than the growing relationship between me and the characters in Marvel’s Avengers, and I am eager to get out of the long, hour-long war zone and return to more character-driven moments.

As with the beta version, the longer I play with any given character, the more I enjoy fighting, even though the learning curve here does not help the game much. About two hours after the start of the game, you need to open a good and correct combat tutorial, unless you open the HARM game room in the game, but frankly, the various chase scenes and small-scale battles with Kamala are even more exciting People excited.

That said, I like the depth inherent in each character, especially when I unlock new skills based on skills, such as better parry and more effective combos.

Knowing the enemy to avoid, the enemy to juggle, the enemy to quickly extinguish and the enemy to parry, this makes fighting more and more attractive. The disadvantage is that you need to acquire the knowledge of each role in turn, because they are different enough to require them to conduct some training themselves.

To get the full experience, I still have a long way to go in Marvel’s Avengers. I sit on a few character-specific mission lines to complete some missions that can be performed in multiplayer games (I haven’t covered it yet), and I haven’t invested the time to really dive into the gear system. I especially want to know how Marvel’s Avengers focused on these aspects after the story content was exhausted, and began to introduce its biggest challenges, such as raid encounters.

But so far, I really like what Crystal Dynamics has done with these characters and the Avengers story that the developers can tell. A lot of video game parts drag me down, and I hope that as I continue to take risks, Marvel’s Avengers will grow into them.

Day 3 Update

The post-sport world of the Marvel Avengers is full of to-do items. I like to perform tasks, and I like to perform tasks, all this makes me feel confused. In the few hours after completing the story campaign, the campaign has kept its efforts well and wisely explored the Avengers (some of them) until the end, the focus has shifted to the game currently available The two factions: Shield and Inhuman Resistance.

Both have mission lines, which can perform various missions, allowing you to acquire new equipment and clean up ongoing story points. AIM is still active all over the world and is doing new and more terrifying things, you need to destroy their laboratories.

These tasks are all multiplayer game products (although like everything in the game, you can play alone with an AI companion), where you can team up with friends or compete with other players. The missions vary in length and complexity, but they are basically of the same type: you usually start with a large outdoor area with multiple optional targets and beat the enemy all the way until you forcibly open the elevator and enter the AIM facility.

From there, you will travel through some narrower corridors and enter a target where your target will either become a wave of defeating tenacious bad guys, or have some control points to invade the computer, or blow up a specific one before you are overwhelmed by the enemy Objects. Sometimes, at the end of your hunt, you will meet with two super demon agents or hated bosses that appeared in the battle.

There are many kinds of tasks in these multiplayer games. Most of the differences are in the size of the area you have to explore and what the different enemy abilities and modifiers focus on. Some levels have a lot of electricity-themed enemies, some levels are full of bad guys that can freeze you, and so on. What makes them work is that I unlocked new moves and combo options for the main character Kamala Khan (Kamala Khan) for slow movements, as well as building skills in game combat.

As you unlock more and more actions for your character, Marvel’s Avengers will get better. When you can grab an enemy and throw it to the ground, smash and juggle in the air, your battle options will open. The frustrating thing is that it takes a lot of time to unlock many of these actions.

On the one hand, when you only unlock new actions once every few missions, you will better understand what you can do and when you can do it-but at the same time, go back and play a lower-level role less frequently. After a lot of time, it feels like I am beginning to master.

I also began to understand Kamala’s specialization options, which added more depth to her combat choices. For example, do I need two sessions to regain my healing ability, or am I more willing to rejuvenate myself? This allows me to consider my role in the team and current needs.

So far, I don’t often work closely with other players that I’m pairing with-but I can see how these possibilities work, and I hope Marvel’s Avengers can start to provide that kind of challenge. I need to be smarter. Teamwork can be close to the endgame.

However, the final outcome is unclear. The basic loop of the Avengers live game part is chasing better loot, but in this gap between the battle and the doomsday game, my gear is cycling so fast that I can barely see it. Equipment has many privileges, which can provide options for my gameplay, but each task will allow me to pick up at least two or three new items, so I will continue to throw away those items with higher statistics.

This means that there is currently no content or character building to consider, because I still have not earned the equipment I want to keep for more than 20 minutes.

Happily, this level of grinding is developing rapidly. I haven’t exhausted all the quest lines after the story, but I’m rapidly moving towards the upper limit of the level-probably the difficult top content will fall apart and require top equipment. At this point I have invested about 25 hours, but I never felt that I was just honing the content to acquire new equipment. I was waiting to finish watching the mission line to complete the mission and had to replay the feeling after the old mission.

Although the Avengers still got me involved because I can fight many enemies better, it didn’t go well. The more you understand it-even in the story battle-the more bugs and troubles start to infect the game. I have encountered audio glitches, these glitches will destroy the moments of the story and the mission description, destroy and freeze the boss character model of the battle, in which there are no enemies in the wave-based battle, the lack of dialogue prompts will hinder the progress, and one will cause more The failure of human task loading When too many heroes join, Black Widow and Iron Man double and give us six characters, while the strike team reaches four.

Live games often encounter difficulties when they are released, and I have some connection problems, and load failures occur when using it. Nothing can break the rules of the game-the worst thing is that I had to quit the game and restart the game to solve the problem-but it did make Marvel’s Avengers feel a little mad and busy, and the multiplayer game proved to be the task It’s funny, because when we beat him, a boss stood still and the enemy we were supposed to fight never showed up.

After 25 hours, my overall impression is that Marvel’s Avengers is an interesting but flawed game that contains many good ideas. The storyline and live missions still seem to be separated from each other. I miss that moment when I was using my skills to defeat a strong boss, instead of just watching Taskmaster or Abomination and I and three other superheroes besiege.

However, as you unlock more and more character skill trees, Marvel’s Avengers will have a lot of depth in battle, especially when you have a decent team working together, there will be a lot of opportunities to make people feel super.

I hope that the elements that still feel disconnected will be fused together in Marvel’s Avengers final game, and the game will become challenging enough that teamwork is very important, requires skilled combat, and focuses on the professionalization of characters And equipment loading will give you important advantages.

Please stay tuned for my complete update in the next few days!!


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