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Ghostrunner Review

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Ghostrunner Review


Ghostrunner’s fierce first-person parkour platform requires perfection. Whether you are cleaning up a neon-like cyberpunk awkward city landscape, or racing on a wall and sliding through the vents of a huge factory, even a small miscalculation will kill you. Your jump must be accurate. Every swing of the sword should be fatal. The robot ninja specification is indispensable. Ghostrunner will be punished soon, but it is also happy to reward players who meet the challenge.

Jumping from wall to wall feels like flying. It’s exhilarating to run around the gunner, avoid the bullets, and then chop off the bullets without hesitation. This is a high-risk, high-reward situation: even in a simple task, failing to struggle again and again is an incredible frustration, but as the skills develop and test their abilities, this anger Finally disappeared.

Ghostrunner is located in a cyberpunk-style post-apocalyptic world, allowing you to control the robot ninja assassin to perform the task of killing the dictator of the world. (She almost killed him not long ago, so these are two! Revolution and revenge.) The plot is tortuous, but it is usually out of tune with what you actually play, because it is almost always told through voiceovers.

Ghostrunner very much adheres to the purpose of cyberpunk visual aesthetics. You pass through a dirty, dilapidated city, with dark corners around the corners, in stark contrast to the neon signs and bright screens illuminating the night. Some of the enemies you face are veritable cyborgs. Don’t worry there are many robots.

There are enough cyberpunk stories in the game. Although it doesn’t look particularly new, it doesn’t stop it from looking cool. Technically, it makes Ghostrunner look very clear. Always stretch out the environment in front of you, enemies and your sword are very detailed. It may not be the most creative structure, but it is equally attractive.

Although you control a robot ninja assassin and most of the game’s work is carried out around killings, Ghostrunner is first and foremost a first-person platform game. Each sequence, whether it includes combat or not, has a paneled wall for you to walk through, slide rails and convenient loops compatible with grappling hooks, allowing you to do some superhuman parkour.

Linking these exercises seamlessly can speed you up, stop enemies from landing, and let you jump bigger, powering bigger, bolder exercises. Many areas, especially platform areas without enemies, are designed to keep you active. When you are in battle, speed is power: dancing around the enemy and avoiding bullets will make you feel like an unstoppable force, doubly enabling you to bring everyone out without losing any steps.

Combining wall sliding, dashes, slides and other actions to move seamlessly around the world requires constant concentration and rapid response. Before moving from one element to another, you must accurately aim and jump while also paying attention to the direction you are heading so that you know where you are going. The faster you move, the shorter the aiming time before the jump. Therefore, the longer you keep moving, the more difficult it is to control; improper aiming or improperly timed jumps may cause you to fly over the platform.

Ghostrunner Review

Even a small miscalculation can make you lose motivation and put you under an enemy plane. The need for traversal led to many frustrating deaths early on, but made the success incredible. Being able to jump in the battle arena without loss of speed makes you feel proficient.

The battle in Ghostrunner is actually an extension of the platform, although it rarely feels that simple. Almost every enemy died in one blow. If you are close enough to the enemy to kill them, they are already dead, so the challenge is nearby, not the battle itself. There are many types of enemies, and each type has unique skills that can create interesting new wrinkles. You need to solve these wrinkles in battle.

Although many of them are straightforward-there is a soldier wearing a shield, a ninja who needs to parry, etc., they are still difficult to dispatch and require precise timing. Each encounter cleverly blends environmental obstacles and new enemy types. Even if you effectively perform the same operation again and again, you can make each level from one area to the next exciting.

To be fair, it is not just a “sword tag”. You will gain some combat-centric abilities, which gives you more options for dealing with enemies. First, your dash allows you to slow down time briefly to avoid enemy bullets at the last second. You will also get a series of special attacks, including “flickering” dashes that make you cut through multiple enemies and bullets in a straight line, and shock waves that reflect projectiles. Each of the four abilities provides you with an interesting way to create new opportunities for yourself, whether it’s queuing an enemy to fall at once or knocking it down just to reflect this.

Learning to use these tools, how to run and how to play Ghostrunner can sometimes be a painful process. Ghostrunner is a glass cannon-one hit will kill you-most platforms require tight time to run. The only way to “practice” the action is to fail and try again, so you may die a lot. (Fortunately, reloading the last checkpoint on the PC is almost instantaneous). Even if you are not dead, you have to interrupt parkour, which is frustrating because you can’t keep looking around and you can’t determine what to do next.

If you are like me, and the reaction is not e-sports, you need to concentrate (and some muscle memory) to complete an area without causing fatal errors. Satisfaction is worth the effort, but the excitement and awe are mixed with some anxiety and pain. When Ghostrunner tore, it did. The walls are exhilarating and impressive when running, jumping, sliding and passing through enemies. For most of the game, you will only experience how impressive the feeling of darts in the room for a short time, but even so, it is enough to keep you mastering the art of robot ninja parkour. There will definitely be a lot of frustration along the way, so this is not exactly a smile, but when you run a room perfectly, your haste is worth it.

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